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Many of you have asked or been wondering "What's in it for ME?"   

         With how busy we are, we have probably all had that passing thought whether we want to or not.... It is human nature. 

         So after a lot of consideration, here is my multi-part response to "What's in it for you" if you participate in this creative collaboration/competition:


        1) Not only will all of us have fun and stretch our individual creative wings and open our minds as we virtually meet and collaborate with other creative souls, but 

        2) We will cross-promote each other's work, Websites, and Social Media sites to expand our networks and open doors to new opportunities and connections, and 

        3) YOU can win a prize!

 FIRST PRIZE Winners for Each Painting will win a signed micro-batch limited edition print (on paper or canvas) of my Painting that inspired their winning Creative Entry.

How this works

    If your poems, songs, stories, screenplays, dance performances, and/or musical pieces were inspired by "Ancestral Whispers III" (for instance) & you incorporated the titled into your entry, and you are selected as a Winner, your prize will be a signed limited edition print of "Ancestral Whispers III."

    Runners-Up will be published in my Blog posts & we can together brainstorm other co-publication/co-promotion opportunities. 

     I have always wonderedHow would my painting "sound" to someone... 

        Now, I hope that you will tell and show me in your creative and unique way.


The sky's the limit, so let's defy boundaries and gravity together ...and soar!

Oh...and one last thing...

          Several people have asked me: "What do YOU  (=EWR) get out of this?


             I become a winner with each entry. By doing this, I am becoming part of something bigger than myself, something beyond my own borders and dimensions - a global Artistic Creative Movement and a wave that can expand without end and charge the world with its powerful, positive, creative energy. That is my dream, and that is what I want to see and be a part of! 

            With each entry, you will make ME will feel like a winner, because I will get to see my painting set to YOUR words or music -- to witness how my work has inspired or touched others....

           It is exciting to imagine my work transformed into a whole other dimension through another person's creativity, life filters, mind, and heart. That is the type of dialogue that Art can inspire and I want to be a part of that Creative Movement! 
                                                         Do you...?

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 All images and content remain the property of the Artist. 
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