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Lauch: EWR's "Every Painting is a Song" Creative Cross-Discipline Collaboration Challenge

  Hello from Creative License Studio & thank you for visiting.   I appreciate your time, interest, and patronage. Let's get right to the heart of the matter, shall we?...                Today's post focuses on my cross-discipline Creative Collaboration. What :  EWR's "Every Painting is a Song" Creative Collaboration Challenge   When : Launches 14 May 2016  Deadline :  All Competition Entries must be received before 30 August 2016      Then what?   Please be patient.                         Decision notification will begin on 1 November 2016      But ...BEFORE THEN, I will post updates and information on this blog, so please stay connected.      You may also email me at any time via the Every Painting is a Song" email address: Important Note for Songwriters :       You will send me your  musical compositions via email AND/or via YouTube sharing - to me ONLY and/or small