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   Use these paintings as food for thought, Creatives!

 If inspired by one or more of these works, 
start creating and writing now and get a head start! 
You may enter more than once... 

     Sign up for your chance to win a limited edition print of your "inspiration" painting from the selection below and join the Creative Wave to cross-promote, collaborate, and create something beyond your normal Muse and inspiration

   The next Renaissance is Now!

Painting 1 -
"Ancestral Whispers III"

Elaine Weiner-Reed  (EWR) - "Ancestral Whispers III"

Painting 2
"Curtain Call"

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Curtain Call"

Painting 3
"Static Electricity"

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Static Electricity"

Painting 4
"Joined by the Heart"

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Joined by the Heart"

Painting 5
"Spectral Lines III"

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Spectral Lines III"

Painting 6
"Recalibrating Destiny"

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Recalibrating Destiny"

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