2016 Prelude

  2016 Solo Show & Competition in One:

"Revealing Layers" plus

"Every Painting is a Song" Collaboration Initiative

Hello, fellow artists, creatives, patrons, and friends,

       May I have your attention for a few minutes, please...?
  So far this year, I have been painting quite a bit, but have had less time in the studio recently, since getting deeper into planning my upcoming Slayton House show.

Solo Exhibition Details:  

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) - "Honoring the Journey...Revealing Layers" Opening Reception - Saturday, 14 May 2016 - 2-4 PM
Dates: 13 May to 11 June 2016. 
Location: The Bernice Kish Gallery at Slayton House, in the Village of Wilde Lake, Columbia, Maryland.


             My art reception will serve as the launch pad for a creative collaborative initiative I have considered launching for at least three years: a "Global Creative Circle."


Elaine Weiner-Reed's First

CREATIVE LICENSE - "Every Painting is a Song" Contest


      I am inviting collaboration from you - writers, songwriters, and poets - to create an original work inspired by one or several of my paintings featured in my upcoming exhibition.  These 10 to 20 paintings are to serve as the inspiration and take-off point for each entrants' preferred creative outlet - whether poem, song, short story, screenplay, etc.  

Which painting or paintings will inspire you? 

Will the poems be in verse? Will the songs be Jazz, Blues, Classical, or...?


     Who among you remembers reading hints of the origin of this idea and initiative on my Artist Website (http://www.weiner-reed.com)?  In my online artist statement, I asked: "If my paintings were songs, how would they sound to you?"  This was not a rhetorical question. I want to know...

     So, now is your chance. Tell me, please: How do my solo show paintings 'sound' or 'feel' to you?  Tell me in word, music, and song.  

     Contemplate the exhibition paintings as I post them via blog and email newsletters in the run-up to the Opening Reception on 14 May.

Elaine Weiner-Reed - Blue Notes Soliloquy

And for those of you who live in Maryland, call the Gallery and visit 

so you can see the paintings in person! 


      Which painting or paintings will grab you, lead you into creating the story you feel it conveys? What resonates with you and where will it lead? There is always a story behind and inside of my paintings, but this is your chance to interpret it in your own way.

   Minimum requirement: My painting's title must be integrated into the story, song, or poem and can be part of the title. Only original work is accepted; no plagiarizing or copying permitted. [No paintings or drawings, etc. accepted. This contest is for audio/written entries only.] 

           Don't worry, I will not restrict creativity with too many requirements.

    If interested in participating, I encourage you to please pre-register for the "Every Painting is a Song" contest by doing the following:

  • Email me at:  everypaintingisasong@gmail.com 
  • Consider "Liking" and following my Artist FACEBOOK page - https://www.facebook.com/WeinerReed/
  • Subscribe to my email newsletters and my only Official "Every Painting is a Song" blog:
    •  http://ewr-everypaintingisasong.blogspot.com/  

In your email, include

 "EWR's 'Every Painting is a Song' - Competition" in your Subject line. In the body of your email, include: Full name, age, gender, likely entry category (poetry, creative writing, song, etc.), address/residency country, website, your profession/creative genre, telephone number, experience level (beginner/amateur, intermediate/emerging, professional, master). Please tell me how you heard about this contest, and where you think we could take this collaboration. Finally, please share my message so we can extend our exposure and creative message.  Rough timeline for Submissions: 14 May - 30 August 2016. Results will hopefully begin to be published in December.

     I encourage you to spread the word (repost) and get your own creative juices going... Let's create a positive, creative circle together. 
I look forward to reviewing your creations!

     Winning entries will receive a limited-edition print of the painting that inspired their original creation & be featured on my blog "Every Painting is a Song" and together we can find other future venues to cross-post and promote each other's work. I already envision a book or video from this effort.

* Remember you must pre-register by emailing me at:


Preview of one of the paintings in my show... (Hint, hint)

Elaine Weiner-Reed  -  Static Electricity
                                              This and the images on my postcard invitation are other previews.

I would also like to invite you to follow me on Instagram, where I am very active: 
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        Note: I anticipate charging no fees for this first venture. I may some assistance as needed in the future only for fee-required publications, joint ventures, etc. 

 © 2016 Elaine Weiner-Ree

 All images and content remain the property of the Artist. 

All rights reserved.  


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