Saturday, July 2, 2016

Elaine Weiner-Reed & EWR's "Every Painting is a Song" Creative Cross-Discipline Collaboration Challenge

  "Every Painting is a Song"

Creative Cross-Discipline Collaboration


In the artist’s own words…

      "My art focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotions, behavior, and relationships, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Layers of color, shape, and line etched with calm or charged energy coalesce to convey a mood: intimacy, loneliness, alienation, joy, solidarity, sensuality, conflict, harmony, or mystery.  Depending on the story, I zoom in on an individual, defining their character in layers, or I depict them only as silhouettes or after-thoughts. Are they center stage or out of focus? Do they wear a mask?... 
     "If my paintings were songs, how would they sound to you…?"     

 That very question, and the thinking behind it dating back some three or more years, became the genesis for The Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) first annual "Every Painting is a Song" Cross-Discipline Creative Collaboration Competition for writers, poets, songwriters, screenwriters, dancers, and musicians.

Come for the Art, stay for the Adventure! 

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR) Official Artist Website